Top 5 Online Dress Shopping Tips

Top 5 Online Dress Shopping Tips

Posted 2015-03-23 by bellafollow
The easiest way to shop the latest trends and compare prices is to do it online. However, as many perks as there are to shopping from the comfort of your own home, there are also some drawbacks.

It helps to follow a few easy steps when shopping for dresses online and these tips could make your experience a much more enjoyable one.

1. Know your silhouette

There are many different body types, and when shopping for dresses online it is important to know your silhouette. Do you have a tiny waist but a large bust? Do you have a small waist in comparison to your hip/thigh region, or a small upper body but larger bottom half?

The body shapes that most women fit into are pear, diamond, round, apple, rectangle, inverted triangle and hourglass. If you know your body type and what looks good on it, then it is easy to eliminate the necklines and waistlines that will not suit you.

2. Carefully read the description

It’s important to know what you’re paying for, and although this might seem obvious you would be surprised at the number of people who barely glance at the product descriptions.

Is the dress you’re buying real leather or pleather? Is it machine washable or can it only be washed by hand or dry cleaned? This is information that will directly influence both your garment’s quality and its care requirements.

3. Check the return conditions

Shopping online can be such a pleasant experience, but on the odd occasion you may buy an item that does not fit quite right. Too often you end up keeping it because it is such a hassle to return it, or it will cost too much.

That’s why it is so important to read through the return conditions to make sure that if there is a problem with your order you are aware of your rights.

4. Don’t ignore the sizing charts

Each site will have its own size charts and measurements and these can differ between designer and brand. If you don’t already know your bust, weight and hip measurements then it will be helpful to make a note of them so that you can check the size that best corresponds to your measurements.

When buying dresses online it’s also important to consider the length of your dress, especially if you are a tall woman as there is nothing worse than buying a gorgeous dress which barely covers your bottom.

5. Know which fabrics are flattering and which aren’t

When buying short or long dresses online you should consider which fabrics have been used in their making. Some fabrics such as spandex and satin can be unflattering and clingy, while other fabrics like cotton, chiffon and crepe can create beautiful flowy silhouettes. Also consider the colours of the materials you are choosing, because as sad as is it is, not all colours and prints look good on everyone.

If you take these few tips into consideration when shopping online, you’ll never have to deal with sales assistants or overly crowded stores ever again!


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