A Guide to Buying And Styling Bold Blouses

A Guide to Buying And Styling Bold Blouses

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A Guide to Buying (And Styling) Bold Blouses

Your basic white blouse is totally classic, but there's also an indisputable timeless quality to bold blouses. Throughout the centuries, fashion icons ranging from Mary Antoinette to Marilyn Monroe have been using the beauty of confident cuts and designs of blouses to enhance their style in inspired ways. Since blouses are only part of an outfit, they are one of the easiest and sartorially safe methods you can use to add a pop of life to your look. They allow you to bring on the brightness, without letting a more flamboyant design take over your ensemble.

If you’ve been thinking about adding some octane to your style with bold designs, then read on. Here’s how to you buy and style beautiful, bold blouses with confidence and panache.

Collar Confidence


Here’s a simple and sophisticated way to embrace bold blouses: buy a blouse with a stand-out collar. Whether the collar is super rigid and tall, embellished with bling or non-existent, a blouse with an unconventional collar is a great way to embolden your look.

Style tip: In many cases, an embellished collar does double-duty as a part of your shirt and an accessory. This means you can play with additional accessories to draw attention to the collar, or — if the collar is already blinged out — forgo the accessories all together and let the collar speak for itself.

Play with Print


Whether you’re looking at a bold print on a simple blouse, or a simple print on a boldly designed blouse, or a bold print on an elaborate blouse, a blouse with an inspired and unconventional print will instantly lift your look.

Style tip: Pair your bold print blouse with a solid coloured bottom. Whether its a jean skirt or a pair of black pants or a red pencil skirt, your bottoms can balance out your ensemble, providing a foundation for even the wildest prints and most flamboyant blouses.

Frills & Ruffles


Frills, ruffles and bows are what bold blouses are made of. If you’re reluctant to slip into a full-on frilly blouse, then opt for a blouse with a simple line of ruffles. Otherwise, embrace the bold head-on and go for rows and ruffles. Another way to tone down this trend if you’re timid is to buy a ruffled blouse in a more basic or neutral colour, like white or black or nude. This will allow you to revel in ruffle, without also having to carry the weight of a more robust colour.

Style tip: Keep the accessories simple. Your blouse is busy enough, so allow it to do its job and carry the weight of your look. Heavy, cumbersome accessories are overkill.

A final note:

Recognise your bold blouse as the investment that it is. This is a piece you can dress up with a sleek skirt, or dress down with a pair of distressed skinny jeans. You’ll get a lot of wear out of this versatile top, so be sure to buy a quality piece that will last. Sure, you’ll have to splurge initially, but when you are still rocking your bold blouse for years to come, you’ll be glad you did.


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