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StageLabel is a 'crowd funding for fashion' platform that was created to help designers reach their audience, develop their customer base and recieve the vital funding needed to start up and grow their label. It's an opportunity for designers to work directly with their customers, and for customers and fashion fans to have some input into creations and wear new designs. If you want to be at the cutting edge of fashion, and want to be part of the next big fashion discovery, then this might be just the place for you.

How it works

This is a relatively new concept in shopping and fashion that connects customers who are seeking exclusive clothing with emerging fashion designers who are trying new styles and creations.

Designers will post online their new designs and a customer can pledge money to fund the piece. This way designers recieve money and the customer gets to sit at the cutting edge of fashion and recieve beautifully designed clothing in return.

These shorts by Ashleigh Becker 69 have reached their target funding, and will shortly be on their way to many happy fashionistas

A designer will load up images of their design (a campaign), along with full product specifications and within the campaign details, will specify a target number of designs that they'd need to sell for the product to become viable. As a consumer, you can therefore pledge to purchase the item, and once the designer has sufficient pledges, they will then make up the garments to be delivered straight to your door. Some designs only need a few pledges to 'make the cut' and it's money is only taken from the customer if enough pledges are recieved.

Where a campaign reaches its sales target and recieves sufficient pledges, the designer will be in contact with each customer to discuss sizing and obtain any other information to ensure that what they make is the perfect fit for you.

Here's an example of the process:

Cutting edge fashion for just 99

This beautiful dress, by Marie-Claire Taylor is priced at $99. It requires 3 sales or 'pledges' in order for the design to be brought to life. To pre-order all you need to do is click through the online process. And if this design isn't the one for you, don't despair, there are tonnes more designs to look through. Customers can also speak directly to the designers to customise items for that truly one of a kind feel.

So if you want to be the one to help start a trend, give a designer their first break, or if you simply want to look good in some beautiful clothing, head to StageLabel to join in on the fun of this new fashion shopping experience. And when your friends ask you where you got that wonderful outfit from, you can say it's from a designer that you've been supporting, and you'll sound too funky for words.


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