The Scrubba

Posted 2014-02-22 by Ivana Katzfollow
The scrubba washbag is a pocket-sized washing machine and is designed to allow travellers to clean their clothes on the go - anytime, anywhere and for free.

This award winning invention was named as one of the greatest gifts for travellers by Forbes Magazine and has also been recently featured on Lonely Planet.

Save money on hotel laundry fees and cut down on changes of clothes you need to bring on a trip and enjoy the freedom of ultra light travel.

The scrubba wash bag only weighs 180g and contains hundreds of resilient nodules that work like a flexible washboard in a bag.

To wash your clothes, simply add cleaning liquid and a little bit of water, seal the bag, expel the air and rub for as little as 30 seconds. For a full machine wash, rub for 3 minutes.

You may rinse the clothes in the bag or in the shower and then simply hang the clothes to dry.

The scrubba wash bag is available for only $64.95 including shipping from the Scrubba wash bag website.



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