Shopping for swimwear online

Shopping for swimwear online

Posted 2015-09-11 by GabbyDIfollow
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This summer was all seaside fun and games for me, and I owe substantial credits for my head-turning suntan and exhilarating holiday experience to Baku swimwear. One of Australia’s best-selling swimsuit brands, Baku has been running up top international tiers in the industry for over ten years, which was good enough of a recommendation for me to give their merchandise a go. The store’s extensive swimsuit selection includes eye-catching pieces in different colors and sizes, all of them fashionable, sleek and superior in terms of quality and durability. Baku is the label for a modern lady who wants her bathing suit to sit well, feel great and look that way too. Baku stands for a blend of functionality and style and its mission is to make every girl feel comfortable in her skin despite individual body types and beauty standards. A brainchild of Tamara and Dax Bykerk, Baku is one of the best online stores I ever shopped at, so I can vouch you’ll find just the right bathing piece for your next trip to the beach or poolside with them.

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What I liked most about Baku was the wide range of trendy styles, flattering shapes and tight-fitting fabrics that are both comfy, strong and sexy. From exotic bikini tops and colorful cover-ups to sleek form-fitting singlets and impressive cut-outs, you can easily pick a piece of Baku that matches the rest of your summer attire seamlessly. Baku outlays are highly budget-friendly, and I can guarantee you’ll get premium quality and resilience on top of a hot summer look at a decent price. For instance, I bought a floral bikini top that fits my curves like a glove and feels snug against my skin – believe it or not, the confidence I felt wearing it got me a new summertime fling to flaunt around the beach too!
Another convenient aspect of Baku online store is their size guide with detailed dimension specs like bust, underbust, waist, hip and cups. Thanks to this practical feature, I was 100% sure I’d get an optimal fit that will not change in the seasons to come.

Since I mostly do all my shopping online, I was also pretty concerned about the delivery policy and communication with the suppliers because I’ve had negative experiences with internet stores before (the shipments took ages to arrive and store staff never got round to replying to my inquiries until it was too late to get a refund). With Baku, I got my swimwear value for the money, and within three days since order date no less. Baku’s delivers through Express Australia Post, and they have the option of online shipment tracking so you can keep tabs on the parcel arrival date. Also, the brand’s returns policy is more than obliging: the clients can exchange or get a refund for faulty merchandise within as many as 30 days.

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One more aspect of Baku swimwear I loved is the fact that you don’t have to buy a full suit – you can pick just an elegant top or pant and match it with another piece of your choice. This is exceptionally useful for women like me whose anatomy doesn’t exactly fit the mainstream designer bill. I love the fact that Baku let me get a separate piece without having to splurge out on a complete swimsuit just because my old top got flabby and the bottom stayed good enough for one more season.

I fell in love with Baku this summer – and I can promise you will too as soon as you try their swimwear out!

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