Shopping for baby sleeping bags online

Shopping for baby sleeping bags online

Posted 2015-07-06 by GabbyDIfollow
I usually don’t have the time to write reviews, but this Newborn pack really deserves a little bit of a word of mouth advertisement so here it goes.

To be honest, I’ve never even considered swaddling or looking for baby bags until I didn’t catch a show by Doctor Harvey Karp , a world famous pediatrician, and found out about SIDS . Initially, I was scared, a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is really a terrifying subject, and I was worried as any other parent would be. Although this new found fear didn’t convince me to just go out and spend money on swaddling bags, I did mention it to my parents and, of course, guess what our baby boy got the very second day?

However, we were far from satisfied with this product, although it was an expensive and a high quality bag, the zipper was up front and just beneath my boy’s neck. After realizing that it is going to reach his mouth sooner or later I simply couldn’t stop picturing this image of him biting on it, and I simply decided to buy a new one.

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To cut this story short, I bought the second one, and after that a third one, and that one is this Bubbaroo package that I really enjoy, and what is more important my baby boy likes it too. The problem with the second one was the material, fabrics were so hot that during the summer days he would get so nervous in the afternoon, it was simply unbearable. I’ve donated the other two sleeping bags, and to save you some of the time on research, and money, trust me, this is a definite choice.

The Joey Pouch is really comfy, it’s quite loose around the neck, which is important, and the zipper is on the side, which is absolutely great! It’s all 100% cotton, but it is actually light and breathable and that is a big plus! The bottom is wide, with a lot of room for kicking, and the zipper goes all the way down, again a nice feature. Call me picky for going through all details, but I really want only the best for my child, and I would rate this 9/10, and recommend as definitely one of the best choices on the market. To be honest, it’s seems a little bit too spacious to me, but it is my fault, I bought a larger size than I should. Yes, the Joey Pouch comes in four sizes, so it’s not just for the newborns.

The Joey Swag sleeping bag has one feature that made me want it the moment I saw it, and that’s the ability to modify it for car travel, and I absolutely love it. Even the zipper is not accessible for a child and I love it.

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Hopefully this review helped you to make a decision, and my honest advice would be to choose Bubbaroo Newborn Pack. Not just because it is a high quality product, but you will also save money in the process. It’s also a great gift for new parents, and if you do know any this is a definite choice.



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