Lush Is Luscious

Lush Is Luscious

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Fresh Organic Fruit And Vegetables

That is the basis of the Lush product range.

Everytime I walk toward a Lush store, my body starts to go into that almost orgasmic state, sort of like in the movie "When Harry Met Sally".

The smells are divine. I want them in my bedroom, in my handbag, in my wardrobe, in the loungeroom, when I open the fridge, simply everywhere. No other shop has this affect over me.

The other thing I adore about this shop is the colours of the bath bombs. Aren't they gorgeous? It's like walking into a candy store though it's bath bomb candy. My how I wish I had a bath.

I did go into the store the other day looking for something. I am unsure what. Unfortunately we are renovating, so it's pointless buying something for the bathroom in which my children use soap like toilet paper.

So, in the end, I bought myself a delightfully non rich but fragranted moisuriser. No fancy packaging means my darling 16 year old daughter will be fooled and won't notice it, so I am enjoying using every little drop.

My little boy was mesmerised with a bath bomb show. The kind assistant got a bowl of water and immersed this blueberry colour bath bomb which fizzled and fizzled away. Billy was intensly looking then started laughing. He didn't have the words for what he saw, just laughed.

I absolutely love the names of some of the products.

Cosmetic Warrior, a mix of garlic, tea tree, fresh green grapes to combat excess oil and spots.

Love Lettuce a mix of lavender, ground almonds and honey for balancing the skin which is both oily and dry.

Or this

The Sacred Truth, a mix of papaya juice, organic yogurt and green tea infusion to brighten dull skin tones. Now maybe I need that one.

Now I haven't mentioned the bath bombs again. What about these funky names.

Phoenix Rising an apple and cinnamon delight.

Then there is Ickle Baby Bot, a lavender baby sleep bomb.

Did you know that taking a bath with any of Lush's bath bombs has a number of positive effects?

It relaxes muscles, calms the mind, detoxifies, moisturises skin and stimulates circulation. Not bad for a little blast of fizz.

Anyway, I intend to go back to this divine lush bath bomb shop reguarly. I don't think I can get enough of those deliciously smelling products.

Head into a Lush store near you and be immersed in those beautiful fruit and vegetable frangrances.

Address:Macquarie Shopping Centre North Ryde


Opening Hours:9-5


!Map Macqurie Shopping Centre, North Ryde

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