Long Sleeved Dresses Best for Events During Cold Months

Long Sleeved Dresses Best for Events During Cold Months

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Now one wants to wear a sheer, strapless dress when the mercury is tumbling into the single digits! Colder months won’t require skimping on sexy frocks but the weather might demand a little bit more coverage when you hit the ballroom or stride up the red carpet. Rather than draping yourself in a cape or clinging to an unsophisticated overcoat, opt for a long sleeve dress loaded with sophistication and designer style to help you avoid the chill while amping up the glamour.


Jewel tones like deep reds and greens are made for the cooler months so why not opt for a long sleeve dress rich in these sensual, intense colors. Now is the time as these shades are much too dramatic for any formal summer occasion! Choose a gown cut in a mermaid silhouette or overlaid with a delicate lace fabric or select a figure hugging gown in an emerald shade or a rich, vibrant orange.


Like the sparkle of ice in a winter forest, glittering embellishments just seem to be a natural fit for the winter gala scene. Perhaps your dream dress will be lined with nude fabric to create a magical illusion of sparkling, silver lace expertly sewn by talented seamstresses. Or fulfil your fantasies with a golden, gleaming dress with waist-high slits to show off a bit of skin.


Cooler months are made for tumbling, loose fabrics that shimmer and shine like wild, warming fires. Try a body hugging gown with a plunging neckline, long sleeves and high back to raise the sophistication level as high as the temperature will climb when you walk into the room. Select one crafted out of an incredibly comfortable fabric like stretchy, free-falling jersey to flaunt a dress you’ll never want to take off, in which you’ll party the night away.

The ultimate in sophistication, a long sleeved black dress will set you up as the queen of the party. Whether created out of lace, bedecked with glitter or made out of a form-fitting stretchy fabric to boast your best assets, black is any woman’s best friend. Strike a clear note of cold weather glamour in this color and you can’t go wrong.

Whatever dream dress you select, be assured that the long sleeves will help you fit in on any occasion in cooler months. Wearing any one of these stylish, princess-style gowns, you will be the belle of the winter ball!


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