Furniture Shopping Tips at IKEA

Furniture Shopping Tips at IKEA

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Address: Various locations in Australia. Consult the IKEA website for further information.


IKEA is known as the flat pack furniture retailer, who sells fairly trendy furniture items at cheap, affordable prices. Shopping at IKEA is not an easy task at the best of times. There may be times where your patience is tested. IKEA keep their prices low by selling furniture items that are on a self assembly basis, although for non-assembly items such as mattresses - great prices are still enjoyed.

Below are a few tips to prepare for your day out buying furniture at IKEA.

1. Wear comfortable clothing

Wearing high heels around IKEA is not a good idea. The place can be a maze at times, depending on what you're looking for, and/or the time of day you come to an IKEA outlet. Loose, comfortable clothing is a given. So are sports shoes. There may be some waiting around and ample walking to contend with, as well as dealing with the crowds.

2. Perk up

Whether you're a coffee drinker or you're not; investing in a cup of coffee prior to your IKEA adventure would be a great idea. You should then have the energy to cope with the demands that shopping for brand new furniture can endure.

3. Peak hour

Weekends are busy times at IKEA, and so are the evenings during the week sometimes. The best time to go furniture shopping at IKEA is during business hours. The outlet is relatively quiet at the latter time, although some departments are busier than others.

4. Pay by credit card

Easier, because you have a choice between being served by a staff member, or attending to the self service desk. For smaller furniture items to take home with you, self service is awesome. For larger furniture items, full service is more ideal. Up to you though.

5. Be prepared for next day delivery

If you have a specific delivery request date, problems with your delivery can ensue. Be flexible and available the next day for your item/s to be delivered, should you choose the home delivery option.

6. Furniture assembly service

Further information on a recommended IKEA supplier to assemble your furniture on your behalf can be found in store. Only organise this service as soon as your goods have been delivered. Less fuss and stress that way.

Happy furniture shopping at IKEA, and may good strength be with you.


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