FoolProof Ways to Shop and Make Your Granny Flat Bathroom Look Bigger

FoolProof Ways to Shop and Make Your Granny Flat Bathroom Look Bigger

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Fool-Proof Ways to Shop and Make Your Granny Flat Bathroom Look Bigger

The relatively diminutive dimensions of granny flats are one of the biggest selling points for many people. It makes sense: the small spaces are less burdensome to clean and to finance. They are also a greener choice since they use less resources than larger homes. However, while minimalism is in, we are also on the tail-end of an age where bigger was better. This can make decorating a granny flat a little difficult, since so many decor tips are aimed toward bigger spaces.

Undoubtedly, one of the smallest spaces in your granny flat is the bathroom. In fact, it's one of the smallest spaces in any home. While you want to bust down walls to actually make the space larger, you don't want it to feel too cramped either. One of the easiest ways to open up your space is through ingenious design and decor. A few simple strategies can make your loo almost instantly look bigger and brighter.

Here's what to do:

1) Mirror, Mirror


Here’s one the easiest granny flat decorating tips . Mirrors automatically add more dimension to a room, making it appear more spacious than it really is. They also reflect light, brightening up a room, eliminating more shadows and dark corners, thereby making it seem bigger. Instead of selecting a small mirror, go as big as you can. The more mirror, the merrier. This doesn't mean you have to overload your bathroom with many mirrors: one, larger mirror will do wonderfully.

2) White Wonder


When it comes to making your granny flat bathroom look more spacious, white is the right colour, every time. Cool, light colours have receding properties, which make accoutrements like cabinets and counters seem smaller, and thereby make the room seem larger. This doesn’t mean your whole bathroom has to be white, but cooler colours are your best bet, in general.

Another pro tip? Opt for flat shades over gloss for the walls. Gloss refracts light, making it bounce off surfaces. In some situations (like when you want to brighten a room), this is good, but this refracting factor can also make a really tiny small look positively teeny.

3) Get Up!


Leverage your vertical space and get as much off your floor as you can. Obviously, you won't be able to (and won't want to) suspend your bathtub or shower, but whenever possible, affix cabinets and toilets and sinks to the wall. The less floor you use, the bigger your bathroom will seem.

It really is this simple. These tips are really just tricks: illusions that create the feeling of more space then there really is. Use them, and enjoy a bigger, more open looking granny flat bathroom.


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