FoolProof Guide To Buying Prescription Glasses Online

FoolProof Guide To Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Posted 2018-03-08 by Aprilfollow

Fool-Proof Guide To Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Our eyesight is so important, so it is easy to understand why many of us are nervous about buying prescription glasses online. Not only do you want to be able to ensure your glasses will look and feel the way you expect, but you also want to make sure you can actually see. Moreover, you want to be able to have a reputable point of contact in case you need to return or exchange your specs. Brick and mortar stores offer you this security, but online stores are a newer phenomena. Rest assured, however, you can enjoy all the assurances of a retail store when you buy online.

Here's a guide to buying glasses online with confidence and ease.


1. Be Big on Brands

Cheap prices may entice you to buy prescription glasses online, but those prices won't mean much if your specs break within a few days of wearing them. You’ll ultimately spend more money replacing shoddy brands than just buying a durable brand name in the first place.

This is why you should opt for an online retailer who sells brands that boast high-quality polycarbonate lenses as well as extras like UV protection, scratch-resistant coatings and no-glare treatments.

2. The Spice of Life

Shop an online boutique with variety. Yes, you only want them to offer you the best of brand, but you also want a solid selection of the best of brand. Finding the frames you love is a highly personalised process, so make sure there are a lot of options to choose from. If a site only offers a handful of brand names, consider trying a boutique with a little more scope.


3. Prescription Perks

What's the point of having eye care coverage if you can't use your benefits? Select an online glasses shop that allows you to use your medical coverage easily, without having to jump through hoops.

4. Free Shipping

The allure of shopping online is diminished if the cost of shipping is more than it would have cost you to drive to multiple retail stores. This is why you should always opt for an online option that has free shipping.

Word to the wise: Also check the shipping terms, timelines and options. Free shipping loses its luster when it will take you months to get your specs.


5. Reasonable Returns

Finally, make sure you can return your prescription glasses if you don’t like them. Check the return policy before you buy, too. You may be allowed returns, but sometimes, the terms and conditions are absurd. Look for reasonable return policies. How many days do you have to return them? Do you pay the shipping or will they foot the bill?

All of these considerations are important to think about before you commit to buying your prescription glasses online. After all, your optical lenses aren’t just a fashion accessory : they help heighten one of your most important senses. Take your purchasing seriously.

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