Designer Rug Shopping Guide in Sydney

Designer Rug Shopping Guide in Sydney

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Since the dawn of time, people have been spreading rugs out on their floors for warmth, comfort, and style. While the quality of rugs has improved ever so slightly—yet somehow, hides and fur have become even more valuable—the importance of rugs in our homes hasn’t wavered. Whether you’re looking to give your room texture, art, or simply a pop of colour, there’s an option for you in the bustling metropolis of Sydney. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to shopping for designer rugs in Sydney, and let you heart—and toes—rejoice.

1. Dimensions

When shopping for rugs, you want to already know the exact dimensions you want—before you step foot in a store. Otherwise, you could fall in love with a rug that is way too big or small for the intended room. When it comes to rugs, size definitely matters: large rugs can be luxurious, but make sure you leave at least a foot of space between the wall and the rug’s edge, or else you might as well save some money and install carpeting. Do a little research into popular dimensions that will be readily available in stores (3x5, 5x8, runners, etc.) or opt for custom sizing that might be necessary in awkwardly shaped rooms and halls.


2. Material

Rugs come in every material imaginable, and it can really help set the tone of your room. While shaggy rugs feel like a dream underfoot, flat weaves will hold their shape for years to come—especially under heavy furniture in dining rooms and living rooms (more tips on decorating your living room here ). Cowhide is also incredibly durable and stain-resistant, not to mention hypoallergenic, so it can be a great option in high-traffic areas of the house. If you’re looking for a high-end, deluxe rug, treat yourself to a hand-knotted wool rug for a stunning natural beauty and texture that holds up over time.

3. Care

Another important consideration when shopping for rugs is the care and maintenance required; if you’re looking for something you can throw in the machine wash after your toddler spills their sippy cup full of grape juice, designer rugs are not for you; pets, children, high-traffic areas, and room location all play a part in determining how much care you’re willing to put into maintaining your rug’s condition. Make sure you understand the care and cleaning instructions for a rug before purchasing—your rug can be an investment, and you want to know what you’re getting into.


4. Design

We’ve saved the best for last; now that you’re got the basics figured out, it’s time for the fun part. Most people think a rug simply adds to the décor of a room, but it can actually make or break the entire room. It helps set the mood and warmth, divide up a space, or can stand alone as a work of art—this isn’t a last-minute lampshade or throw pillow. When picking a design, you can go a few different routes: you can choose a rug that will work with your existing colour scheme, a rug that will stand out as a statement piece, or a rug that helps tie together different tones in the room. Your rug can also exist simply to feel wonderful underfoot, and that’s completely okay too. Whether cosy or chic, enjoy the new addition to your home!

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