Christmas Shopping For The Little Ones

Christmas Shopping For The Little Ones

Posted 2015-12-09 by GabbyDIfollow
Buying an adequate Christmas present for your loved ones is not always easy. The more you love someone the more you want to make him or her to feel special, happy or surprised when they see the gift. If that ‘someone special’ is a teeny- tiny baby, the decision is even harder. This year my vote goes to soft baby blankets from Bubbaroo .

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Rookie at Swaddling?

Every new mum’s dream is for her baby to sleep through the night, to stay warm and to feel secure. I have created my magic spell with Bubbaroo sleeping bags and blankets. At first, I was sceptic about swaddling, thinking that it doesn’t provide my baby with enough space and comfort, but I was wrong.
Swaddling is definitely something that is highly beneficial to newborns, especially in the first weeks of their lives. It is an act of snugly wrapping babies in a blanket for security and warmth. It helps them sleep better and move less, which results in less crying. If you need some help with swaddling technique, you may want to watch this .

One more benefit of baby swaddling is that babies are less likely to scratch up their face, because their arms are right next to their body. Newborn nails grow very fast and are sharp indeed, and babies tend to scratch themselves in their sleep, which is also caused by sudden movements. These are main reasons for wrapping your newborn, however, it is crucial to do that in a proper way.

Sensitive baby skin

The second thing I usually worry about is the type of fabric I put on my baby’s skin. Before I buy any clothes I rub them on my chicks. If it passes this test then I will buy it. Babies’ skin is hyper sensitive and you should always look for natural and organic materials, if possible. Bubbaroo baby blankets and bags are made of 100% natural cotton. It is the high quality knitted cotton that provides baby with a luxurious and comfortable feel.

Baby blankets come in different sizes and colours, so they can fit not only newborns but toddlers, as well. If you have a toddler who has been sleeping in a baby sleeping bag since he or she was born, you can be sure that a transition to a regular blanket will be much easier. Why? Well, it got used to not moving too much, being warm and snugly all the time.

The only downside of this product is that you will need at least two of these. In cases when one gets dirty or if you would want to keep one at home and the other one in your car.

Do not think too much about another present for your baby or your cousins. Make this Christmas warm and comfy. This present is not only useful but it is possible that it will be a part of many memories. I still keep mine.

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