A Guide to Shopping for Designer Bags Online

A Guide to Shopping for Designer Bags Online

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You don't have to spend hours scouring the internet to find beautiful designer bags -- you just have to spare a few minutes educate yourself on how and where to find your best brands.

Let's face it: there's a lot of less than reputable marketing done out here in the online stratosphere, which can make it super difficult to get what you actually want for a decent price. You can often end up paying too much for a knock-off product, or too little and getting exactly what you paid for. Of course, you can also pay around the actual market value, and get the exact designer bag you were looking for, but not get the best possible price because you didn't know about an amazing online designer bag boutique. For a designer bag lover, this is perhaps the biggest tragedy of them all.

That's why we've created this guide: to help you find the best designer bags online quickly, effectively and as affordably as possible. Not only will these tips help you seek out your favourite brand name bags, but they will also introduce you to some hot, new designers.

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Go Pro

One of the very best ways to ensure you are getting the authentic designer handbag you want is to go to a reputable source. If you want a bag from Channel, get it from the Channel website. If you want to check out Cooper Street designer bags , go directly to them. Some might argue that you could get these bags cheaper through secondary or tertiary sites , but then you’re risking getting knockoffs or damaged goods.

When you buy directly from the designer, you know that you are getting what you want. What’s more, if you want to return the bag, or exchange it, or if you need warranty work completed, the designer itself will honour the agreement. You simply cannot expect this same level of commitment through intermediaries.

Do Due Diligence

You know that saying, “If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s probably a duck”? Well, same goes for buying designer handbags. If it looks too good to be true, and is priced too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.
If, for whatever reason, you decide to try your hand at buying your bag through an intermediary site, be aware of the signs that something isn’t above board. Knock offs aren’t always easy to spot online, but there are a few warning signs:

Does the online retailer use a stock image or an image lifted from the manufacturer’s site? Then it is likely a knock off.

Does the online retailer provide a certificate as proof of authentication? If not, then you can’t guarantee the bag is genuine. Ask before you buy.

Did your bag arrive with proper brand-related packaging (like a dust bag) and care instructions? If not, you may have been duped.

Was your bag ridiculously inexpensive? While it is always awesome to get a great deal on designer handbags, if the bag is simply way too cheap, chances are, you’re getting a knockoff.


Pro Shopper Tip: Another important way to do your due diligence is to read online reviews. See what other people have to say about your retailer. This will be a good indication as to the quality of bag and customer service you can expect to receive.

Get Codes

Finally, let’s talk discounts. You want a designer bag, which means you are probably going to be paying more than for your run-of-the-mill purse. Promo codes can save you anywhere from a little to a lot of money, depending on what you’re looking for and when. While you can’t always guarantee that sweet scores with promo codes will take effect when you want that bag, you can search — and search regularly — to try to get the best deal possible.

All you have to do is employ the power of your search engine to look for promo codes for the handbag designer or retailer of your choice, and then peruse the offers to see if there is one that you can use. Simple as that.

Happy shopping!

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