5 Best Wallpaper Stores in Brisbane

5 Best Wallpaper Stores in Brisbane

Posted 2016-05-06 by GabbyDIfollow
Everyone knows that there is no easier way to give your home a facelift than to do something about the walls. With this in mind, most people go for painting, but painting as a method has some serious drawbacks. First of all, commercial painters can cost an arm and a leg. Second, painting on your own can be quite messy. Third, painting is not that permanent of a solution and if you want something that will last you more than few years, you would be wise to go with wallpaper. With this in mind, here are 5 best wallpaper stores in whole of Brisbane.

{1. Murray's Curtains & Wallpaper Gallery}

This place is known to many as the greatest wallpaper shop in all of Brisbane and it is located on 4 Osborne Rd, Mitchelton QLD 4053, Australia. Another thing that distinguishes the Murray brand is that it is in the industry for quite a while, stemming from as far as 1972. Something good enough to withstand this test of time is definitely good enough for your walls.

{2. Euro Walls}

Next thing you most definitely want to check out is the amazing Euro walls . Located on 60 James Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 this place is not just your run of the mill neighborhood wallpaper store. If what you have in mind is a genuine European designed and manufactured decorative wallpaper, then this is the place you want to be at.

{3. Masters Home Improvement}

Now, this store may not be solely a wallpaper retail spot but it is a place where you can get some of the nicest wallpapers at the affordable price. For those determined to find this store, the most popular one is probably on 752 Stafford Road, Everton Park, QLD 4053, Australia. Finally, greatest advantage of Masters Home Improvement are its work hours, which are quite flexible even on Sunday.

{4. The Ivory Tower Fabrics and Wallpapers}

Earlier on we spoke about longevity as a demonstration of quality in this industry and The Ivory Tower Fabrics and Wallpapers just further goes to support this claim. Being in business for 16 years this store located on 1179 Sandgate Rd, Nundah QLD 4012, Australia, is a great place for you to check out if in need for a quality wallpaper, but also fabrics and outdoors fabrics of various textures and designs.

{5. Wallpaperdirect}

Finally, in the 21st century it would be quite naïve not to include at least one e-store to this list. Some might say that this is cheating since Wallpaperdirect has no store in Brisbane, but seeing how they do deliver their goods to every part of Australia, there is hardly any difference. With this in mind, one can just browse their catalog and in a second order anything they find to their liking.

As you can see, if what you aim for is to dress your walls in a beautiful, yet stylish wallpaper, you have quite a few options on your hands. Furthermore, judging from how many stores operate in Brisbane, one could safely name this glorious city a Mecca of the decorators around the world.


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