Want The Best Shoes For A Night Out Wear Boots

Want The Best Shoes For A Night Out Wear Boots

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Want The Best Shoes For A Night Out? Wear Boots!

For many of us gals, the prospect of dolling ourselves up for a night on the town can quickly change to feelings of dread at the thought of tottering around in a pair of stilettos. Sure, high heels are stylish and sexy, but they look a whole lot better than they feel. Anyone who's ever had to soak their tender tootsies in a salt bath after an evening out and then endured days of ankle ligament pain knows exactly what we're talking about. It's true that you can get a little more used to heels if you simply wear them more often, but with all the negative short term and long term side effects of living life on our toes, is it really worth it?

Well, that's for you to decide, but if you're among the camp who's decided it's not worth it, then take heart in the fact that there's another equally stunning, undeniably sexy and far more functional alternative to heels. We're talking boots, ladies.

Boots Support

Because boots extend up your ankle, they can provide wearers with much-needed support that high heel shoes can lack. In general, boots have more substance, and more sole, which means your arches will also get more support. This makes walking, dancing, and enjoying your night out easier and more comfortable.

Another feature of many boots that makes them more comfortable is their thicker heels. Sure, you can still get boots with super narrow heels, but generally, boots tend to feature a thicker heel than most high heeled shoes. This thicker heel provides your ankles and arches with a more secure base, making injury and embarrassment far less likely.

Boots are Versatile

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Yes, pumps and high heel shoes are versatile too, but the difference is that boots give you all the versatility of high heel shoes without having to succumb to pain or sacrifice style. The same pair of nude ankle boots you wear with your black leggings to lunch out with friends can also be worn with a sequined mini-skirt at the club, or a pair of ripped jeans at a concert, or a cocktail dress at a business function.

Boots Elongate and Lift

Just like with your staple pair of pumps, boots with a heel can elongate your stems, making your legs appear longer and more toned. What’s more, boots with even a slight heel will give your butt an instant lift, making it appear more firm and perkier.

Want a pro styling tip ? Wearing over-the-knee or knee boots with a knee length skirt can compress your lower half, making you appear squat. To avoid this, sport these types of boots with short skirts, shorts or over leggings or skinny jeans. Your best bet with longer skirts or dresses is to wear ankle boots. The exception to this rule is when you are wearing a skirt or dress with a longer hemline, but stellar slit up the side or front. Since you will be showing off some serious stems, your skin will counter-balance the weight of a more substantial boot.

We’re not knocking high-heel shoes: we love them. We love them more for events that don’t require us to be on our feet for prolonged periods, like baby showers, bridal showers or brunches. But for a night out on the town, a solid and sexy pair of boots is by far the best bet.


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