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UV Natural

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Award winning sunscreens offer protection for the whole family. Made from naturally derived ingredients and oils such as sesame oils, grape seed extract, green tea, sweet almond oil, natural Vitamin C and many others , the range not only protects your skin from the sun, but also helps to moisturise it.

Their current range includes:

Sunscreen SPF 30

This SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen is ideal for adults and kids as it offers 2 hours water resistance and is available in 150g as well as a convenient 50g pack. Made from their breakthrough formulation, it is simplistic yet effective in protecting the whole family. It is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves no lasting odours.


The baby formulation offers SPF 30 broad spectrum protection, 2 hours water resistance and is also available in 150g and 50g purse pack. In addition to its protective properties, the product is gentle on the skin and will help to maintain your baby’s sensitive skin hydrated.

Sport Screen

Ideal for active individuals, the sport sunscreen offers 3 hour water resistance and comes packaged in a 125g tube. The unique formula has a natural aroma of Australian Sandalwood, Patchouli and Lavender and features ingredients known as anti-oxidants.

Sport Lip Sunscreen

Made from nourishing naturally derived oils, sport lip screen will moisturise, soothe and hydrate cracked lips. The formula is preservative free and can assist in prevention of some skin cancers. It does not contain any tastes or smells to interfere with natural body odour. Available in a handy 5gm size with a detachable chain, which makes it easy to carry when surfing or travelling.

Originally, a paramedic skin therapist, Shirley Livesay started making her products from home approximately 22 years ago. After more than a decade of research and testing, she finally formulated a commercially viable sunscreen and was launched.

Shirley and her husband Justin are passionate about their products and educating customers about the importance of sun protection. They say it is essential to understand that sunscreens are UV energy filters, not blocks. The SPF (sun protection factor) of a sunscreen refers to the strength of protection and length of time a sun screening product will allow your skin to be in the sun without burning, given that the average person can remain in the sun for only 10 minutes without burning.

Over the years has sponsored many young women and men who excel in their chosen sports. Australian Champion Surfers such as Kate Skarrat, Mel Redman-Carr, Layne Beachley, Tom Carroll, Taj Burrow, Bethany Hamilton, as well as Sophie Wood, Alpine Ski racer, Scott Wintle, World Champion Water Ski Trick Event Paraplegic Athlete, and ABC’s Active Kids – Scott & Amy to name a few.

sunscreen is available worldwide. A list of stockists can be found on the website or you can order it directly from their online store.


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